When Mcfly and Carlito revolutionize the world of pétanque with the Pétanque Explorer: the new summer trend?

When Mcfly and Carlito revolutionize the world of pétanque with the Pétanque Explorer: the new summer trend?

Discover how Mcfly and Carlito are shaking up the world of pétanque with the Pétanque Explorer: the summer trend that is all the rage!

A famous duo in search of new adventures

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The famous internet duo, Mcfly and Carlito, announce big news that risks revolutionizing the world of pétanque. Known for their entertaining and humorous videos, they are embarking on a new challenge: Pétanque Explorer. This surprising initiative was unveiled on their Youtube channel, followed by millions of subscribers, creating a wave of enthusiasm and anticipation.

The genesis of a joke that became reality

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Originally, the Pétanque Explorer was simply a joke thrown by Mcfly to Carlito via SMS. But the idea gained momentum and began to germinate in the minds of the two friends. Despite its humorous beginnings, this event promises to be taken very seriously. The necessary validations were obtained, including that of their friend Squeezie, for the name. Thus, Pétanque Explorer has become much more than just a joke.

A show not to be missed

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The Pétanque Explorer will take place in Nice on June 22. Mcfly and Carlito prepared for this big occasion by training with Dylan Rocher, one of the best pétanque players in the world. They also brought together eight pairs made up of different web stars, such as Thomas Deseur and Amixem.

A live broadcast for all fans

For those who won’t be able to go to Nice, Mcfly and Carlito have thought of everything. The event will be broadcast live on their YouTube channel, allowing fans around the world to experience this unique event. Ticket sales will begin on May 22, with a capacity set at 2,300 spectators.

Pétanque Explorer: the summer trend?

With their original and daring initiative, Mcfly and Carlito could well revolutionize the world of pétanque. By combining humor, spectacle and competition, they create a new trend that is likely to make a mark this summer. The Pétanque Explorer promises to attract the attention of the general public and to seduce lovers of pétanque and entertainment.

Mcfly and Carlito have once again shown their creativity by launching the Pétanque Explorer. Their ability to innovate and surprise their audience is undeniable. This show promises to be both entertaining and captivating, providing a unique experience for viewers and fans on Youtube. If you are passionate about pétanque or simply curious to discover this new trend, don’t miss the Pétanque Explorer this summer!

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